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Had a afternoon visit with Veah yesterday at her wonderfull new home.She is gifted with a magical pair of hands.Who said you need fs?Veah is talented in more ways than one.On the walls of her new home hang pictures of Lions and Tigers that she has painted with those magical hands.If you look at them you would think that a great artist had done them.Getting back to Veah's other talent you will see what an artist can do to you with hands that will bring you to a happy finish that you will never forget.Thanks Veah for a wonderfull Sunday afternoon.

By: "Lipslover" of GTERB


It has been quite some time since I last visited with Veah and after yesterday's visit I couldn't help but wonder to myself, "what the f'k is the matter with you that you haven't been back to see her before this?!" A quick text, a quick shower and an hour later I'm ass up on her massage table. The last time I went to see Veah I was only in the mood for a back & neck massage, so I didn't partake in the "flip".what a dumbass!! Yesterday I did and wow!...will NOT be missing out on that part anymore! I won't get into details as most of you have seen her and know exactly what I mean, but geezus, she had me in such a state that I actually had to look up a couple of times to make sure it was just her hands she was using! Great massage, great conversation and a total joy for the entire hour and she is just soooo damn sexy! I had a few errands to run downtown afterward and I was whistling away and skipping around like Mary f'n Poppins - am pretty sure a few people thought I was mentally challenged, lol.


Thank you, Veah. It certainly won't be as long before the next visit.

By: "tbevel" of GTERB


You know, I've seen Veah a few times and never reviewed her for some reason. But she is a great girl to spend time with. An hour with Veah is one of the most enjoyable hours  you can find in this business. And she's a damn good listener and if you're in the market for it she gives pretty good advice. You won't find a better person in this business in my opinion.

By: "Stedon" of GTERB


Veah really is one of those providers with whom you can virtually guarantee an awesome time every consistent, so reliable, yet hardly predictable (yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction). And as you point out, it goes way beyond the intimacy and tactile hit it on the head with "wonderful spirit". She emits a tremendously positive, contagious vibe that makes you feel happy just to bask in her glow. She's also very intelligent and a wonderful conversationalist. Your review inspires me to make a long overdue appointment for "coffee" and to make a donation for her furry friends.

By: "Happy Hedonist" of GTERB


I have tried all the MPs mentioned as well as some independents and without a doubt Veah provides the best experience.great general massage, her new tantric massage techniques are incredible and her prostrate massage is out of this world. she yo yos you to the brink and back until you can't take it anymore.

By:Cuckseneca" of SP411


With apologies to Singlemalt and his well written role play about little red riding hood, this role play took a decidedly darker turn.


You see I was playing the hired hand inspecting basements for any signs of rodent infestation. Little did I realize what I was in for venturing into Mistress Avaya's basement. Everything started out innocent enough. She allowed me in and followed me downstairs and even pointed to a corner where she thought there might be mouse droppings.


Then things happened so fast and furious that I struggle to remember it all since being released from her clutches. A black hood was thrust over my head while quick and trained hands worked to secure my wrists to straps attached to chains around a horizontal padded board. While in the midst of telling her I was with pest control and she should release me immediately, she pulled the hood up enough to insert a ball gag into my mouth; strapped around my head. She then worked my upper torso onto the board while removing my pants and securing my ankles in a likewise fashion as my wrists.


Sorry for the visual but you can imagine how exposed I felt; standing but bent over a board at the waist with wrists and ankles secured. She then lubed up my back end and performed a prostate exam/massage. There was very little wiggle room which when attempted resulted in a corrective spank.

Periodically she'd show the slightest bit of pleasure with me with a bit of a gentle tickle 


I think having me, a pest control guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, in a compromising position was too much for her as she lubed me up some more and proceeded to enjoy herself a strap on session.


Unable to cry out or move I was forced to endure it. She started out slow and tentative but soon worked up to a fast rhythm and a sweat. I think I got the last laugh on her though as on one of the few occasions she showed my organ any attention I orgasmed. I knew it was before she wanted me too as she got quite angry at me for making a mess. With that done though she lost interest in me and released me.


Unbelievably she invited me to come again and check for pests anytime; and like a mouse to a trap I just may. !!!! :)

: "Cheers2U" of GTERB

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